Living in England vs. America

Hey guys, I’m just coming up to the end of my six month staycation in England. I’ve been staying with my boyfriend in a small town called Horsham, an hour south of London. This post lists the differences I’ve noticed living in this town compared to Minnesota. Enjoy!

  1. Food from a Grocery store- The UK has better grocery store food because of the quality, hands down. They have a great selection of different types of food and it’s fresh and a higher quality, for example, dairy products, fruit and even the pasta is just amazing. The food is actually cheaper than in the US but because of the conversation rate of pound to dollar it ends up equaling out. Another important note, the food here doesn’t contain as many preservatives so you actually need to abide by the expiry date. I found that fruits, potatoes and bottled goods went off rather quickly here, way less than what I was used to back in MN. For example, a jar of pasta sauce, pesto sauce or salsa once opened will go off here within one week but I’ll have it stored for up to 3 weeks in MN.
  2. Food from a restaurant- I’d have to go with Minnesota for this! I don’t really like the traditional food in the UK such as fish & chips and meat pies. But, they have great restaurants from all over the world, some of my favorites to find here are Thai and Indian food. I haven’t had good Mexican food here, which is a shame, because in the US, Mexican food is KING. It’s one of my go to restaurants to get some bomb tacos or margaritas. As for American food, well, of course The US takes the cake with this one. It may be unhealthy, but it’s soooo mouthwatering good.
  3. Transportation- Gotta say the UK, their train system is very sophisticated and brings you to almost any city, but it’s not always very convenient to take the train and often requires a lot of time traveling, but it’s just way more accessible than the US. In the US, in almost any city, you’ll want a car. Maybe not in large cities like NY or Chicago, but most places you will want one.
  4. People- This ones just a matter of opinion, the people vary so much in the US and Minnesota that it’s really hard to “compare”. I will say that British people are much more polite, say sorry for almost anything, and are just generally really nice people. I know that If I talk to any British person about Trump, they will say what a nut job he is, sadly, that’s not the case in the US.
  5. Weather- Okay, this is easy, Minnesota wins. I just like the variety of weather in Minnesota, you get all different types of weather and storms. It gets a lot colder but at least you have snow and summers that are hot and sunny as they should be. In England, it rains A LOT and the temperatures are a lot more temperate, with cooler summers and mild winters. But, this depends because the North of England gets much colder and does get snow!
  6. Quality of Life- UK definitely. People here are taken care of by the Government, way more than in the US. You don’t see as many homeless people that are on the streets in the US. British people have free healthcare and while they may have student loans they are less than in the US. Me and my friend from the UK were comparing student loan interest rates, my highest is 6.5%, my lowest is 3%. Hers? 1%! Maybe 1.5% (can’t remember) but LESS than 2%. Seriously, the US government just loves taking money from their citizens, instead of trying to build up the middle class and makes things more accessible, they’re doing the opposite. There are many countries with a better quality of Life than the US.

Did I miss any other big differences? What are some other differences you’ve noticed?

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