Favorite travels & photos of 2017

Hey guys, so, recently, someone I know asked me where my favorite place I traveled to was this year. I’ve traveled to a few countries in Europe and then Mexico, all for the first time, except for Paris and London. I told her Mexico, and I think she was a bit surprised, since Mexico is such a common travel spot for Americans and Europe is harder to get to, thus more enticing. However, I’ve learned that as much as I love Europe, I really don’t like traveling to large cities. I’d much rather take a trip to the countryside or beach and relax. So, I’d have to choose Mexico, partly because of the food, I LOVED the food, I mean Mexican food is absolutely delicious. Also, I was so happy to be near the sea and enjoying water activities like scuba diving. It just feels more like a vacation to me. What was your favorite place you traveled to in 2017?

Lastly, I’ve been working on my photography skills and trying to improve them because I love taking photos when I travel and obviously I want them to look bomb.com. So, these are some that I’ve taken from my travels and after some editing- voila! Let me know what you think! Which is your favorite?


  1. Beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico- February


2. Boardwalk in Cozumel, Mexico- March


3. Gellert Hill Monument, Budapest, Hungary- July


4. Heroes Square Budapest, Hungary- July


5. Jaki Chapel, next to the Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, Hungary


6. Tuileries Garden, next to the Louvre, Paris, France- August


7. The louvre, Paris, France- August


8. Millenium Bridge, London, UK- August


9. St. Paul’s Cathedral London, UK- August


10. Walking around in Amesterdam, Netherlands- September


11. Zaanse Schanse, a Traditional Dutch village 15 km north of Amsterdam


12. Amsterdam Architecture


13. Courtyard of Dublin Castle Dublin, Ireland- September


14. Relaxing view in Dubrovnik, Croatia- October


15. Impressive landscapes in Dubrovnik



Thanks for reading! It was a pretty great year, I moved to London for six months, traveled in Europe, and attended my best friends wedding. I also started this blog and I look forward to writing more in 2018!

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