How to survive a Long Haul Flight

If your like most people, you probably don’t look forward to long flights, unless your ready to binge watch your favorite series! 🙂 Usually flying economy means your confined to a small amount of space and not many complimentary services but it depends of course on the airline you choose. If you choose a budget airline, be prepared to pay for EVERYTHING. However, with some planning and preparation it can be a smooth and (possibly) enjoyable ride. Read on for tips on how to survive a long-haul flight.

1.  Packing- Planes are notoriously cold so be prepared. Make sure to wear layers so you can put on or remove clothes as needed. I usually wear a long sleeve shirt + sweater + jacket (only if I’m going somewhere cold) and then at least one scarf to use as a blanket. I have one of those flight head cushions that I use to rest on as well.

2. Prepare: Make sure to bring food and water. I was on a budget airline that didn’t serve free food or drinks but I was fine because I had packed a sandwich and some snacks ahead of time. At the airport I bought two water bottles so that I’d have enough clean water for the duration of the flight and onwards <= lifesaver!

3. On the flight- After settling in, take your shoes off (literally) and get comfortable. If your bringing a laptop then have some movies or shows ready to watch, if not the airline usually has a selection of entertainment to choose from. Make sure to drink enough water so your getting up a few times throughout the flight.

4. Choose an aisle seat- Only because you can then get up and move about as much as you want without worrying about waking or bothering your neighbor. Then, you’ve also got easy access to get off the plane. Win-win.

5. Avoid alcohol & caffeine- Flying is known to increase dehydration in our bodies so drinking water is the best thing to do. Caffeine I mentioned because it can change your sleep schedule and affect jet lag. You can read more about that here

6. Compression socks are great if your going on a long flight. This helps to increase blood circulation and reduce foot swelling! Compression socks have a ton of other helpful benefits, read here.

7. Avoid Jetlag- Sometimes I get over it quickly and other times it takes me days. The best thing to do is start thinking in your time zone and adjust to that right away. For example, flying west from England I was gaining six hours so I stayed awake throughout my flight so that when arriving I’d be winding down for the day and ready to sleep (it was 7pm when I arrived). Even though I avoided caffeine I still slept horribly that first night, but the second night I got a solid 9 hours, so a one day jetlag is pretty darn good.

How do you cope with a long haul flight?





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