Best Money-Saving Tips for Budget Travelers

Hi guys,

I am a total budget person. I love finding good deals on all things, whether it’s travel, electronics or clothes. So, these are the general rules and tips I follow when traveling so I spend less money!

  1. Stay in one place for longer! If your able to, this is a great option. It’s much cheaper to go somewhere for three weeks versus visiting three places in three weeks. Not only will this feel more relaxing but you’ll have more time to experience the culture and beauty of the place your going.
  2. Be flexible on travel dates- I use skyscanner and they have a feature where you can select the month you’d like to travel and it will list the days that are cheapest to fly. If your traveling for a week or so, look at websites that offer deals including flight + hotel and you can usually find a good value.
  3. Travel during off season. Summer time is peak season traveling in Europe and the US, so a lot of the flights and hotels/Airbnb’s are more expensive. In this case, spring or fall are better times to visit. However, if you go to SE Asia or Central America during the summer months, the price is much cheaper because they are in their rainy season. Just do a bit of research and see what works for you. I’ve been in Thailand during the rainy season and it wasn’t that bad. It did rain but usually in the morning and then would clear up again.
  4. Get free accommodation using workaway or couchsurfing. On workaway, you create a profile, pay a yearly subscription and get access to a ton of hosts from all over the world. The work varies, some examples include working in a restaurant, to a hotel or farming. You can really find anything. It’s a great way to meet other people, learn more about the place your traveling to and practice some new skills. I highly recommend this if you’ll be traveling for a few months as most places want you there for a minimum of a month. It’s also great if your traveling alone because you can meet people easily. Couchsurfing- this is a website where people offer their room or couch for free to travelers. The idea is that the people hosting others have used this service before and want to “pay it forward”. I think it’s a great site and a good way to meet people but I totally understand the safety issues here so use with caution, check reviews of the person and let a family member or friend know where you’re going.
  5. Travel to a cheap country- this is obvious but shouldn’t be overlooked. Choose a country where your currency stretches further, such as Eastern Europe, Southeast or Latin America. Also, if your traveling solo, Southeast Asia is very safe to travel to.
  6. Find a travel buddy- Bring a friend, not only will you enjoy their company but you’ll be able to split things such as the cost of a taxi or accommodation.
  7. Be selective on your excursions or tours-  choose the must see places or experiences where you’re going and stick to that. A lot of the tour prices are inflated and can be expensive if your on a budget. Some alternatives can be to organize your own tour, finding a bus or train that takes you to the destination. This provides flexibility and the chance to enjoy it on your own.
  8. While souvenirs probably won’t be a budget breaking item, I do suggest waiting until the last few days of your trip to buy them. That way, you can peruse what’s available and plan what you really want to buy, therefore not going over budget.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Out of all of them, It’s definitely the flight tickets + accommodation that are going to be your biggest expenses, so if you can lower those than your doing pretty well. Most of all, enjoy your trip and don’t worry so much about the money!


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