Arriving in Puerto Vallarta & Finding a cheap place to stay

Arriving in Puerto Vallarta

Once arriving in Puerto Vallarta, you have a few options from shuttles to a local taxi or more recently, Uber. Uber only arrived in PV since July 2017 and in my opinion it is the best way to go because the fare is very cheap (normal local rate) and you can easily order it from inside the airport after connecting to wifi. The taxis stationed at the airport all charge a higher price than a local taxi would and the price varies depending on the zone you’re staying in, I heard one man quoted for a price of $30 whereas I paid roughly $5.ย To reach the local taxis or Uber pickup area, you must go across the pedestrian bridge. After exiting the airport, turn left and walk along the sidewalk and you should see the bridge, it’s easy to spot. Once across you’ll see people waiting at the bus stop and the Uber pickup is just past that, i’m sure you’ll see others taking an Uber too.

Renting a local apartment
I read quite a few blogs and never found this information so hopefully you will find it helpful!
Check out this is the local information that gets classified weekly. Find the page for “cases se renta” or “departmentos se renta” houses or apartments for rent. They have different listings offering 1 or 2 bedrooms- Look for amueblo= furnished and call the number listed. Ask if they still have the apartment or house for rent. This is when it may be helpful to have a translator if you don’t speak spanish. I hired someone off craigslist to help call and schedule viewings for us, they took us out for the day, drove us around and took us to some apartments to view. If you like a place, you must tell them right then or else you risk losing the apartment, that happened to us, sadly! But, we found an even better place. The place we found was on facebook, posted in a group titled “renta de casas y departamentos en puerto vallarta” Here, you can view listings and message inquiries about the place. I messaged the owner and the same day he showed us the apartment and we gave him a deposit on the room. It’s pretty low key here, we haven’t signed any paperwork but have agreed to stay for three months. We are paying 6000 pesos per month + utilities + wifi and have 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom. He did say short term was available but would charge more for that. We love the area because it’s in a local Mexican neighborhood, only a 10 minute walk from the nearest superstore that has a cinema, and it’s only a 20 minute bus ride to downtown, and the bus picks up 5 minutes from us.

Thanks for reading! I hope this information helps- Enjoy your travels!

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