Top Activities To Do In Puerto Vallarta

Hey Guys, I’m back and today I want to share with you the best activities to do in Puerto Vallarta! Now, I’ve been here for 3 months and have checked out beaches in the area, surfed, went ATVing, snorkeled and learned more about this awesome city. There are literally dozens of things to do, so many more than on this list, but I want to highlight what I enjoyed and give you some ideas on what you can do next time you’re in PV!

Go ATVing– I went on a tour and solo with my boyfriend and our neighbors and I much preferred going with our them. We were out all day, drove through some really small villages and up to a hot spring. Our neighbor led the way so if you’re interested in this route I’d recommend asking the rental company for a map of where to go.


Ziplining– The most popular place to go where most tours will take you is to El Eden Adventure Park. You can also get there on your own, just take the Orange/White Bus from the city-center and exit at Mismaloya. From there, you can take a taxi 20 minutes to the Park. They have 12 zip lines and the entry price is $80.

Surfing– There are many places you can surf north of Puerto Vallarta including Punta Mita, Sayulita and in between. Personally, I vouch for Punta Mita as there is a beach called La Lancha that is very quiet, with many different breaks and a lot of room to practice. Sayulita, on the other hand, had a lot more people in the water swimming. To get to La Lancha, head to Wildmex Surf Club and they can show you the path to the beach. More info on Wildmex here.


Snorkeling– Generally snorkeling on this side of Mexico won’t be as good because it’s the Pacific but I did really enjoy snorkeling at Los Arcos National Park. The water is protected from fishing and there are a lot of beautiful fish to see. To get there, go to Mismaloya, where you can rent a boat for 500 pesos per hour including snorkel equipment. Check out the snorkeling footage here.


Beaches- If you’re looking for a quiet and beautiful beach, go to Playa Las Gemalas, it’s south of PV, so again you can take the Orange & White bus going towards Boca de Tomatlan/Mismaloya and get off when you see Girasol Sur Condo or Park Royal Hotel,  you will need to backtrack a few feet and there will be a staircase leading to the beach. It’s secluded and quiet with no vendors, soft sand and great water for swimming. You can see footage of the beach in this video.


Go beach hopping at Boca de Tomatlan. There are about 4 or 5 beaches you can get to from Boca, the most popular being Las Animas but you can also get to Yelapa. If going to Las Animas or Yelapa I’d recommend taking a boat taxi but if you are going to some of the beaches closer to Boca than you should try the hike. It is a little challenging but nice because you pass by most of the beaches and can stop and go for a swim. I also never would have found my favorite beach club Maraika if I hadn’t hiked. If you’re interested in more information regarding the hike, please watch this video.


Whale Watching– If you’re visiting between December and March, then you should definitely try to see some humpback whales. You can arrange a variety of different boat tours, I did a 4 hour whale watching tour and to be honest it got a little boring, so I’d recommend combining it with another activity. Footage from the tour I took is here.


Thanks for reading my list! Like I said, there are many other popular activities, such as fishing, horseback riding, helping release baby turtles, tequila tastings and more! What would you like to do in Puerto Vallarta??


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