Day 1 Trip Itinerary In Cancun, Mexico

Hi Guys,

I just got back from a trip to Cancun, I’ve never actually explored Cancun before now. Tbh I was only there for 3 full days so I had some must-do’s on my list. Here is what me and my boyfriend did πŸ™‚

DAY 1: Mercado 28 & Hotel Zone

We went to Mercado 28, which is in the downtown part of Cancun and sells SO MANY goods! Honestly, it reminded me of Chatachak market in Bangkok. There were vendors selling clothing, bags, hats, gifts and tons of souvenirs. My poor boyfriend really doesn’t like pushy sellers so he didn’t enjoy it. However, we did get some cool color changing shirts that are a good gift for kids.

After that we took a taxi to the hotel zone. This taxi ride is expensive because the taxi zone is just soo long. A cheaper option could be to take the R1 or R2 bus that will stop off at all the main beaches on that road. But, our driver recommended the beach near Coco Bongo so we went there. The beach was covered in seaweed, that is common this time of year, although I imagine it also occurs because of climate change as our tour guide said it didn’t really begin until a few years ago. We didn’t spend long here, just padded in the water for a bit and took some picturesque photos.

The highlight of the day was when we took the bus to a different beach, called Playa Langosta. Here, we walked past the main beach until we found a pier surrounded by shallow beaches and beautiful blue water. I mean, it was paradise. We jumped off the pier, tried to find some cool fish and laid on the beach. It was pretty magnificent.

After a day in the sun these two have no energy for night adventures. It was a laid back evening.

What is your favorite beach in Cancun??

TAXI TIP: Use the app called Taxicaller, it is the most common in Cancun


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